Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We recently broke up with Comcast cable TV and said goodbye to our beloved DVR.  It was a sad day as Kyle carried the DVR and necessary cables and remotes to Comcast, but it won't be a long parting. 

You see, the idea was to ditch the cable until, of course, football season starts again. I mean really, can one be joyfully married to the Kyle without ESPN during football season?? I just don't even want to know.  

So here's what's happened since our parting with cable:

1.  Because the TV is no longer forced to reside within 3 feet of the cable outlet, we could spend a whole afternoon rearranging furniture.  And what do you know, we have more room!

2.  Without the handy TV Guide thing, I have no idea what shows are on and have to flip through each channel one by one.  I subsequently found myself sitting through an episode or two of "Little House on the Prairie" and a very old Michael Caine movie.  I may have also watched an opera.

3.  Now that we can't record all our favorite shows, we have to include "watch The Office" on our weekly plans so we don't miss an episode (we sure love us some Michael Scott around here).

dream home maybe? 
4.  We're saving money!!  This brings us ever closer to the purchase of our very own house where we will not be subject to the booming music selections of Ms. Obnoxiousness next door. This, of course, always makes us happy, therefore improving the overall atmosphere of the Post family apartment.

Well, goodbye cable. 
We'll see you in September.

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Rich and Brianne said...

Very valid reason to get rid of the cable. I don't have cable either, course where I live there is one channel that comes through. And it's all day wrestling. In Spanish. No Little House on the Prairie for me!!