Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Better When You Win It!

I was very tired and cranky last night waiting for some music to download onto my itunes when I came across a very lovely vintage hobnail lamp on ebay.  So I bid the minimum bid of $8.00 and went to bed.

This morning, I won.

Since when do I ever win an ebay bid?  Never, I tell you!  I really didn't do it on purpose.  I never actually thought that the lamp would ever be mine.  But, well, it is.  And will be coming from Pittsburgh to join us in our tiny apartment in 5-10 business days.

But isn't she lovely?

When my inbox broke the news I was shocked and afraid and then... delighted!
I debated telling Kyle about the lamp.  What if it just showed up at the door one day?  Belated wedding gift from a stranger, perhaps?  But how could I pay for it without him knowing? 
Oh the complexities of joint banking!

So I sent the Kyle an email:

From: Kourtney 11:44 AM
So…. I kinda bought a lamp on ebay.
From: Kyle 12:06 PM
Cool! What kind of lamp is it?

(bless that man and his cheerfulness!)

From: Kourtney 12:15 PM
Its white milk glass… similar to all that stuff I’ve been buying : )  Its 12 ½” tall and 6” wide. [picture attached]
(internet silence)
From: Kourtney  1:51 PM
you don't really like the lamp do you?
From: Kyle  1:56 PM
It’s okay. It didn’t “wow” me, but its good. I like it. But really how many lamps really “wow” you? If you were a lamp, you would wow me. I would want to make out with the lamp if it was you.

Really though, how could I not be flattered?  And to think, the lamp shall arrive just in time for Valentine's day!  It will be our little lamp of love.


Jamie said...

you guys make me laugh!

vickyj said...

I love your little love lamp. What kind of lamp shade are you going to put on it?

OH, and it could have been a leg lamp from The Christmas Story. That would lighten things up.

Rich and Brianne said...

The lamp really did "wow" me. I love the style! Enjoy the lamp of love.

GAMom said...

I think you really got a bargain. I used to have a lot of milk glass but I've never seen a lamp like that before!