Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Compound Cuteness

You know what I did today?  I had chocolate for dinner.  I feel devilishly rebellious and not the least bit guilty!  Ok, well maybe a little guilty.  My inner mother shouts "where are the vegetables?!?"  "where is the protein?!?"  "this is totally unacceptable!"  And yet, my deliciously sweet hot cocoa and dark-chocolate-and-caramel-covered pretzel were absolutely worth it.  (Thank you Anna!)

I feel like I should fix a salad or a chicken sandwich because somehow eating more of something officially dinner-like is supposed to balance out all the chocolateyness?  I'm not even hungry though.

I mean, I hit at least three main food groups: dairy, grains, and fats.  That has to count for something right?

At any rate, I was a typing fool at work today and I have discovered convincing evidence that typing burns at least 99 calories per hour, therefore canceling out all consumed calories in at least one-half of my Hatch's hot chocolate.

Also, I went visiting teaching tonight and I almost never do so that deserves a special treat, don't you think?  Especially because during said visit I got to meet and fall in love with Ashley's maltese puppies of which I am already coveting.  What could possibly make your day sweeter than a delicious chocolate dinner with a really fantastic friend followed by a little puppy canoodling??  I tell you what, there isn't a whole lot that can top that kind of compounded cuteness. 


Jane Doe . . . Smith said...

Thanks for hangign out with us the other night it was fun! (this is zane) hey i think we are going to u of U's gymnastics tournament feb 12 against utah state. let us know. Ya I am going to. it's alright.

vickyj said...

I ate a bowl of peanut M&Ms for lunch today while piecing a quilt top. You must come by chocolate meals honestly.

It got worse for dinner. I had to run to the fabric store, so stopped by Five Guys for a single hamburger AND the regular fries which is a serving for 2 people. I didn't eat them ALL, but came close. Also drank a large Coke/Lemonade. I don't feel so well.