Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reader's Elite

I love to read.  But doesn't everyone these days?  Like you, I find it hard to fit in some good reading time... which is probably why I'm reading your blog.

Enter the work break room with it's sparkling windows and laminate tabletops each decorated with the latest pages of none other than the Wall Street Journal.  I like to read, but I avoid newspapers whenever possible because they leave me with inky fingers and I hate having to "see A19" to finish whatever it is I started reading.  But then there's the Wall Street Journal...  isn't there something so classy about reading the Wall Street Journal?  It suggests the reader to be a person of intelligence and elite upbringing, don't you think?  Kyle even gave me the snooty face when I told him what I had read in the Journal on my recent lunch break.  Calling it the Journal is like being on a first-name basis with an aristocrat, or so I think.

I'll admit I'm no financial genius.  Afterall, my admiration for Warren Buffett is really my only significant link to the financial world.  But The Wall Street Journal is so much more than finances and business - it's full of drama!  Just like the Kardashians, the Journal has it's own share of scandal and intrigue.

Which brings us to today's person of interest: Mr. Watanabe, also known as The Gambler Who Blew $127 MillionUnreal isn't it??  $127 MILLION?!?!?  What makes me laugh is the fact that his name looks an awful lot like Wannabe.  Mr. Wannabe, the man who gambled away $127 million dollars over the course of one year in Vegas.  How depressing, don't you think?  And yet I feel that someone dumb enough to get himself into that mess probably deserves whatever depression he is now faced with.

Cheers to the Journal and all its snooty drama!

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