Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Public Apology

Ok, ok I'll admit it. I have been a little crazy this week.  I'm sure you know the type: ridiculous mood swings, irrational pet peeves, angry thoughts directed to harmless strangers... the usual.  The past few days are merely a testament to the incredible patience my Kyle has for me.  I promise I am normally a very nice and cheerful person, it's just a few days here and there that my pleasing demeanor is taken over by an emotional Mrs. Hyde. 

So here I offer my public apology to all those who inadvertantly pissed me off. 

To the strangers who didn't know any better: I am ever so sorry I glared at you behind your back, wished horrible things upon you or shook my fist in your direction.  I'm sure you didn't see me in your blind spot when you cut me off or meant to vomit outside our apartment door.  Give me a couple days and I'll bake you cookies and shower you with sincere compliments.  Can we still be friends? 

To my coworkers: I really do like you and I'm sorry for wishing in my mind that you would stop talking every time you open your mouth.  You see, I've been a crazy person these past few days and it is better that I not talk to anyone, not just you.  Tomorrow will be better though.  Tomorrow we can sit together at lunch and have soup and talk about the best ways to care for indoor plants. 

To Deron Williams:  I'm sorry I called you names after you autographed our basketballs, but you really could have at least smiled at Kyle's silly joke.  He is very funny and clever and it is important for you to acknowledge his talents.  Nevertheless, I should have at least waited until you were out of listening range before I made insulting remarks in your direction.

And to my Kyle: I really did enjoy meeting the Jazz players last night (except for maybe D-Will), even though I complained for an hour about losing the feeling in my toes from standing outside in a never-ending line. Also, I changed my mind, you really can help me eat the peanut butter m&m's Santa left me in my stocking; eating them all myself will only serve to make me fat and feel sorry for myself anyway. Oh, and I'm sorry about your shin, it really was an accident.

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Jason and Abby Campbell said...

You are so clever. I love it. I will always remember to laugh at Kyle's clever jokes. Dang D-Wills.