Monday, November 23, 2009

How to be a Boise State Fan

This is Kyle.  Kyle loves Boise State football.

This is Kourtney.  She married Kyle and therefore promised to love Boise State football too.

Together they are the Posts and they will witness the slaughtering of the Idaho Vandals' football team by the Boise State Broncos.

This is Boise in November.  It is very, very cold.  And windy.

This is Kourtney at the football game.  It is hard to tell that she is so cute and festive under all those layers: short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, father-in-law's winter coat, leggings, jeans, knee-high socks, thick wool socks, knee-high boots, ski gloves, hat, scarf, sunglasses, hand warmers inside boots.  The layers are key to staying warm at a Boise football game.  Take note.

In order to stay warm the entire game, be sure to bring a spouse to cuddle with.  Especially one that will buy you hot chocolate in the third quarter.

You must also participate in unhealthy excesses of cheering.  When sitting at the very top of the stadium, you must cheer very loud, pretending that the players can hear you.  This is not unlike the cheering that may take place at home on a Saturday afternoon.  Also when the players cannot hear you. (Kyle would like you to know that this photo was taken long before the game started.  People do actually come to Boise State football games.  A lot of people, in fact.)

This is the blue turf.  Home of many victories.

This is what happens to Kourtney's hair after a Boise football game.  Clearly there was no point in spending a half hour styling before the game.

After surviving the frigid victory, Kyle and father enjoy sports from the comfort and warmth of home.  They would stand here for hours if they could.

May God bless the Boise State Broncos.


Abby and Jason said...

Is Kyle wearing black socks with his shorts? :0) You guys are so fun!

KPost said...

He sure is! Haha! That was after church on Sunday so those are his church socks :)

WestSide Culture said...

Great blog post. Found it when searching for "Boise state blue turf" images. Do you live in Boise? I have a few good friends there.

Is it ok if I use your field picture for my website, ?