Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Domestic Domination Followed by a Minor Social Set-back

First of all, I made these most delicious muffins today.  They are called French Breakfast Muffins.  Aren't the French wonderful?  French toast, French bread, French fries...  is there anything they don't cook well?  At any rate, my muffins were amazing.  They were even just as good in batter form as they were cooked.

To top off my night of domestic domination, I attended a Relief Society activity in which we made decorative tiles. 

Like this.
Really though, it doesn't take much skill to cut a piece of paper and glue it to a tile.  But I think it turned out rather nice, nonetheless.

It was at said Relief Society activity that I noticed a significant flaw in married-folk small talk.  You see, when you are single, and meeting fellow single people for the first time, you are expected to ask the obligatory get-to-know-you questions such as "are you going to school?" "what are you studying?" "where do you work?"  "what do you like to do?"  "where are you from?"  It occured to me that such questions just don't feel appropriate when my audience consists of grandmotherly women and motherly women with their very own houses with mortgages and babies and all sorts of things I just can't relate to.  I felt ever so challenged in meeting new people because I have not yet mastered the married-folk small talk.  I mean, what am I supposed to ask now?  "what yeast do you recommend for baking bread?"  "do you buy Pampers or Huggies?"  "do you prefer 1% or skim?" 
Let's face it, I just don't know how to talk to grown-ups.


Kellie said...

Those muffins look amazing AND that block is SOOOO cute!! I want to make one.

Crystal said...

Oh no. I am an old married folk, aren't I? I admit though, if so many of the people I meet around here didn't have a husband in school and moved from out-of-state to be here, I wouldn't know how to make good small talk with us, either.

Kellie said...

Kourtney, no rush or anything, but... HAVE ONE! It's WONDERFUL! But then again, Brett and I are both really glad we got to do some things before we had a baby, also, like camping and traveling. So just enjoy EVERY stage of your married life to the fullest, I guess! :)

Have I mentioned that I love your blog? Cause I DO!

KPost said...

Thanks Kellie! Seeing your sweet baby's pictures does make me want to have one... :)