Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Week Ever

Oct. 16

We had a great time bowling with some awesome friends and bailed out around 11pm because we couldn't hack it.  I even drank a coke!  For the record, I out-bowled Kyle. 

Oct. 17

Saturdays mean football.

This particular Saturday also meant celebrating Cody's first birthday!  Cody loves The Office so we found him this ridiculously awesome t-shirt.  Luckily, it came in the mail just minutes before we left for the party -whew!  Happy birthday Cody!

I watch football all day with Kyle so I can convince him to come to female singer-songwriter concerts like this one!  Ingrid Michaelson is one of my absolute favorites and we'd been looking forward to this concert for months!  Kyle was a good sport - I think he even enjoyed it : )

The concert was even more fun because our friends Jamie and Justin decided to come too!  We had an awesome view from the balcony of the venue.  Just before the show started a girl below found a cell phone that someone had dropped and I thought "what idiot dropped their cell phone down there?!? That is ridiculous."  Turns out I'm the idiot.  The phone survived.

Oct. 18

Sunday was my sister Kari's 30-something birthday.  Happy birthday Kari! (she's the one on the left... probably 15 years ago? Hehehe... she will hate me for putting this up)

It was also Kati and Jason's 1 year anniversary!

Oct. 19

Monday also means football, so we had friends over for food and football.  This is the boys at their football-watching best.  Kyle was so into it, he didn't even know I had taken pictures.  Thankfully the Denver Broncos won so everyone could go home happy.

Here's Cody modeling his witty t-shirt and Lexi's Denver Broncos bow.  Lookin' good Cody!


Jamie said...

Yah that idiot who dropped their phone! hehehehe

The Powells said...

aw you remembered! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kourtney ann!!!you take that picture off your blog right now!! Why does everyone have to post that one?! Ugh and it was 18 years ago