Tuesday, July 23, 2013

For Avery

I have this little girl you see,
I've loved her from the start.
When I first laid my eyes on her
She captured all my heart.

She appeared into my life
As if I willed it so
And since that day I met her,
Into a mother I did grow.

Before I ever saw her,
She came with me to work.  
We did everything together
We even shared our hurt.
I'd sing to her and pray for her
 And wonder who she'd be.  
She's now a tiny person,
All her own it's plain to see.

Fiercely independent
But she is also mine.  
She's a little bit a part of me, 
I see it all the time.

She is mine to teach, to love,
To care for and protect.  
To show her what this life's about
And all there is to get.

I'll teach her how to play,
Imagine, and create.
How to be responsible
And never show up late.

I'll tell her it's okay to cry,
But cry with others too.  
Have empathy for those who hurt.
Show them the good in you.

I'll teach her to be proud, yet humble.
Stand up for what's right.
Don't date the boys that only flatter,
Don't stay out late at night.

I'll show her what it means to serve,
To help a friend in need.
That it's okay to sometimes follow
But also how to lead.

I want her to be happy
But life is often hard.
It isn't fair, nor always right,
It's not a Hallmark card.

But when the world is dark and gloomy,
When heartache grips her tight
I hope she'll know that she is loved
And always see the light.

I have this little girl you see
I've loved her from the start
And every day I spend with her
She recaptures my heart.


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Tyandra Perez said...

Ahhh you made me cry. Beautiful!