Sunday, April 21, 2013

i had a baby: another birth story

Kellen Christopher
7 lb. 2 oz.
19 in.
born friday, april 4, 2013

it seems like writing about this little guy is a good way to get myself back into regular blogging.  after all, i've had a lot of thoughts going on these days that may or may not be of interest to anyone out there, but i forgot how much my blog is my own personal therapy.  and believe me, i could use some therapy these days, what with having 2 under 2 now.  brace yourselves.

despite what i had planned, i ended up going in for an induction on april 4th.  my due date was the 5th, so it was one day early.  just trust me when i tell you it had to be done.  so i checked in at 9:00 am and an hour later i was hooked up to an iv and a low dose of pitocin.  i was progressing quickly and sometime around 10:30 my doctor came in and broke my water (woohoo! what an experience that is...).  around 11:00 or so i got an epidural and by 11:50 i knew it was time to push.  it all happened SO FAST!  i only pushed for maybe 15 minutes and it was a dang good thing because i quickly found out my epidural had worked well to numb everything but down there.  i wasn't feeling much by the way of contractions but trust me when i tell you i felt everything else.  i yelled a lot during those 15 minutes.  and it's all on video.  and no i'm not going to post it.

kellen was born at 12:10 pm, a little blue, but healthy and gorgeous nonetheless.

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