Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wall Makeover

One day I decided this wall needed a makeover.
And then we ended up with white walls, a new TV and media console of sorts.
I think this is what happens when I spend too much time sitting on my couch being pregnant.
Also, I blame Pinterest.

It's kind of a long (uninteresting) story on how we got to this point, but suffice it to say that I found this tutorial and decided it was PERFECT.  Also, it was about $1000 cheaper than the pre-made Ikea media center that I loved but also wouldn't fit the 60" TV.

The whole thing is made up of 5 separate Ikea Billy bookshelves.  The middle 3 are pulled out 3" from the rest.  I screwed them all together, added 3 pieces of MDF to the top (to make it look like 1 unit) and added chair rail around the top.  In the end, I decided to paint the whole thing a brighter white as the Ikea white was more yellow than I wanted.  Kyle thought I was crazy but I swear it made such a difference.  Even if only to me :)  The trick now is to keep Avery from emptying them every day.

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vickyj said...

You did an amazing job. It looks great!