Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The stage was set to be a perfect afternoon:
3:00 PM.
Happy hour.
Diet coke with lime.
Also, tots.

As luck would have it, my excessively picky toddler LOVED the tots!  I was so excited.  She ate 3.  This is like a big deal.  She didn't chew it up and spit it out.  She didn't throw half on the floor.  She didn't fight me.  She just ate them.  All 3.  It was something of a miracle.

I was feeling really good about my parenting skills and life in general so I laid her down in her crib for a nap and what do you know?  She starts gagging.  This kid and her gag reflex, I swear, we are mortal enemies.  I knew throw up was inevitable so I rushed her to the bathroom where she gagged up a mouthful of tots.  I'm pretty sure she had been hoarding them in the roof of her mouth as she so often likes to do (so much for my awesome parenting skills-I didn't think to check!).  So I laid her down again.  And instantly she throws up all over herself.  Tot puke all over her bed, in every nook and cranny of her neck rolls and mashed in her hair.

Goodbye, perfect afternoon.

I stripped her bed and got her right in the bath but I'm still finding bits of thrown up tots in the carpet.
She's asleep now and I'm still mourning the loss of 3 wasted tots.
I mean, if she was going to throw them up anyway, I would have eaten them myself!
I miss you, tots.

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