Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of THOSE Days

photo NOT taken today

Despite all odds, I managed to clean the kitchen, bake sugar cookies and dinner (why did I clean the kitchen again?), and pick up toys strewn all over the house today.  So when someone asked, "What exactly did you do all day?"  Forgive me if I was momentarily offended.  Today was like a day from hell so the fact that I accomplished anything was nothing short of a miracle.

The day started normal enough.  7:00 AM wake up call from Avery's room followed by a morning episode of Super Why and reading baby board books.  Today, however, was a PKU day.  First off, I had to take her blood sample by myself and from her finger for the first time (until now it's been from her heel).  She normally doesn't cry but of course this morning she decided to scream bloody murder the whole time.  And I guess the screaming was well deserved because it was pretty bloody.  I could not get her finger to stop bleeding.  Even after I bandaged it up, it kept seeping through the bandage, which was not helped at all by the fact that she kept SUCKING ON HER FINGER!  Gross gross gag vomit.  

Oh but the vomit comes later, actually.

Today was also a PKU day because today was the day we were to start her Kuvan trial.  Kuvan is a prescription drug that can help lower her blood PHE levels and make it so she can eat more natural protein.  Not all PKU patients respond to it, so we are on a 4 week free trial to see if it works for Avery.

As prescribed, I crushed up 2 pills, dissolved it in 4 ounces of water and put it in Avery's favorite sippy cup.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  I tried another sippy cup.  Still no success.  I finally tried it in a bottle.  By then she was in hysterics and pretty much inconsolable.  I'm freaking out because she's supposed to take the whole dose at the same time and ohmygoshifshedoesn'ttakeitI'vescrewedupforeverandthedrugwillneverworkandwe'reallgoingtohell.

So maybe I panicked.

But I had a stroke of genius!  I sucked up some of the drink in a medicine dropper and got her to suck some of it down.  Only this REALLY pissed her off and by the time she had downed about half of her medicine, she knocked the rest of it on the carpet and THREW UP all over me.  

And then we both cried.

Nothing would console my naked, screaming child, so I attempted to change her clothes while she practically hyperventilates and laid her in her crib while I went to make her formula so I could give her a bottle and freaking end the whole ordeal.  By the time I got the bottles made and retrieved her from the crib, she was enraged and throwing up again.  So I cried.

But she wouldn't take the bottle.  I just knew she was holding a grudge for all the attempts I made to get her to drink her medicine and now she didn't trust me! Or the bottle!  It took most of an episode of Super Why to get her to stop screaming and drink her bottle.  And then we sat on the couch for a long time together.  No more crying.

So that was the most awesome part of my Tuesday.

The rest of it entailed a very interesting combination of the following:
  • Trying to load a dishwasher with a toddler throwing dish towels and lids in it
  • Washing a load of vomit-soaked clothing, sheets and towels
  • Chasing a toddler with a handful of Cheerios trying to get her to eat something for the love of all that's good
  • Trying to do work on my computer with an adorable toddler climbing all over me and begging to watch more Super Why (we have a problem)
  • Trying desperately to take a nap to cure my emotional headache
  • Eating ice cream for breakfast
  • Changing something like a bajillion diapers
  • Putting shoes away that a toddler so kindly dragged around the house for me

To sum it up, it was one of those days where I feel like I totally failed as a mom.  I had a power struggle with my 14 month old baby over 4 ounces of water and medicine.  A struggle which I painfully lost and ended in a bit of a catastrophe.  (I now have to contact the drug manufacturer to see if we can get a one day replacement dose so the trial isn't all screwed up)  Out of desperation, I allowed my Avery to watch way too many episodes of Super Why.  I spent more time worrying about getting work done, the house clean, and dinner and cookies made than I did just playing with Avery.  I wore pajamas all day.  And I never took a shower.  The realization that I previously had puke all over me is just now setting in and I'm really regretting the no shower decision.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Side note: tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary!
It will be a very good day, indeed.
edit: It is actually our 3 year anniversary.  I guess this day really needs to be over.

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Jamie said...

You are not a failure. Somedays your kids will watch too much tv becuase you need to stay sane- and that's OKAY!!!!!
Avery- hey bud! Take it easy on mom!! :o) No more puke today!!