Friday, September 21, 2012


Don't you just love Avery's new outfit from H & M?
I love it.
I don't so much love how it came to be, though.
Prepare yourself for another story of parenting greatness.

Last week I met Kristen, Michael and Leah, some of my most favorite people on the planet, at City Creek for an afternoon of shopping and babies (and cheesecake too, if you must know).  Our first stop was H & M.  Moments after entering the store of greatness, I found the perfect mustard cardigan to replace the one my sweet husband happened to shrink to toddler size a few weeks ago.  (Bless him for doing laundry, but still)  I was elated.  It was also about $10 cheaper at H & M AND it wasn't dry clean only.  I mean really, best day ever!

Some 30 minutes later (and still in H & M), Avery got cranky.  So I handed her a couple of marshmallow pieces and she was happy.  Mere moments has passed when I turned around just in time to see her gag on a marshmallow and throw up EVERYTHING she had ingested the whole day thus far.  
Seriously, this kid and her gag reflex.  We are not friends.

It was bad.
I was in shock.
I was totally unprepared.  
Avery cried.
(I didn't cry this time.  I'm so proud)

Kristen graciously offered a spare burp cloth and I managed to mop up a few giant puddles of vomit out of the stroller seat.  I stripped Avery right there in the business casual section and wiped her down with some baby wipes.  The stroller was totally soaked.  Thankfully though, she managed not to barf on any merchandise (including my new beloved mustard cardigan replacement).

So then I did what any self-respecting mother with a naked child would do.
I bought the vomit-soaked toddler a new outfit.
Totally, 100% justified.


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