Monday, August 13, 2012

Sandia Peak

When I was in Albuquerque a couple weeks ago, my boss/friend/honorary family member Deb and her cuteness of a husband, Kel surprised me with a trip on the Sandia Peak Tramway.  It is, in fact, the world's longest aerial tramway.  And I was so excited and scared I almost peed my pants.

So if you're a teen (20 and under) you get in cheaper.
I passed for 20.
Made my day.

The car thingy can fit up to 50 people and I'm pretty sure we had close to 50 on our way up.  Add claustrophobia to the list of things that almost caused an accident... 

Really though, the ride up was pretty smooth and the views were so amazing it was easy to forget you were in a large box traveling up the mountain on a cable.

It took something like 15 minutes to get to the top.
The cables are little bigger than 1" in diameter!
Carrying 50 people up the mountain!
In a box!
It blows my mind.

The views at the top were seriously breathtaking.
It was kind of like being in love.

Me and Deb.
Not related: Doesn't it look like I have short hair in this picture?  It kind of makes me want to chop my hair off again.

And here we are swapping photos while waiting for the ride down.
The wind up there was something of ridiculous.
(Another good reason to chop off my hair)

See how steep it is?!  1" cables?!?

I couldn't get over it.
At one point on the way down, the operator girl opened up a hole in the floor of our box.
You could see straight down, thousands of feet below.
I intended to take a picture but I was trying too hard not to pee my pants.

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vickyj said...

I'm feeling like the tram at Mt Blanc is more scary; but not having been on this ride, I'll give the scary to you. I'm glad you got to do something fun. And I do like the idea of you cutting your hair. It looks cute
short - er.