Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Office Olympics

I've been working on call the last month and one department even invited me to their summer party which included, you guessed it: Office Olympics.

I really didn't want to participate.  I mean I was only working there 3 days and playing games and eating their food for an hour seemed a little unfair.  But I was coerced.  And bribed (bbq pork sandwiches).  So I was put on one of four teams and was quickly nominated to represent Team 4 in speed typing. 

I was first to go.
1 minute typing test.
Random words.
I was nervous.
My hands were shaking.
1 minute went by.

I totally blew it out of the water.
I mean, not to brag or anything, (ok I'm totally bragging) but I pretty much killed that speed typing test.
120 words per minute.
No one even wanted to go next.

My team ended up losing the Olympics because we sucked at everything else.
But no one could hold a candle to my 120 wpm.

1 comment:

KimiK said...

And that is why I stopped challenging you to Typing Maniac....you are too fast for me :)