Monday, June 25, 2012

A How-to for an Awesome Monday

How to Have a Totally Awesome Monday:

1. Place baby in the living room
2. Unload groceries from car
3. Discover mysterious finger painting on floor
4. Realize "painting" is poop.  Smeared by baby hands.
5. See there is poop all over baby. Also, floor.
6. Wonder if there is more poop on the carpet
7. Find poop on carpet.  With bare feet.
8. Discover poop trail across living room carpet and all over wood floors.
9. Remove clothes and diaper from baby
10. Insert baby in bath
11. Wash poop from hands, arms, pants and leather bracelet
12. Clean baby
13. Mop floors
14. Shampoo carpet
15. Cry.  Or laugh.  Maybe both.

1 comment:

vickyj said...

It's rhetorical: How did that happen?