Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I have zero pictures from my first official Mother's Day.
That's okay because I was too busy not being busy to even think about pictures.

I'm still torturing Kyle for not getting up with Avery at 6:00 AM Mother's Day morning, but actually I kind of liked it.  At first I was annoyed at his sleepy response to her crying: "You got to sleep in yesterday, can you get up with her this morning?"  I knew he wasn't remembering it was "my" holiday but I decided it was okay.  I played with Avery for 2 hours.  Just me and her.

Really all I wanted for Mother's Day was to not fix any meals and read a book in the hammock.
And that's what I got!

Kyle (and Avery) gave me a gift certificate to get my hair done too, which I also love.  
And really need, like in a bad way.  
Postpartum hair.  Need I say more?

Other Mother's Day Niceties:
I actually got to enjoy 2/3 of church (it's usually spent in the halls with Avery)
We had a leisurely, albeit windy walk around the neighborhood
I had a really good hair day, postpartum issues aside
I finished reading Mockingjay
Kyle made his famous apricot chicken for dinner
I had TWO bowls of ice cream
I hardly changed any diapers at all
Avery let me rock her to sleep
I got to talk to my wonderful Mother

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vickyj said...

Talking to you way my nicety. I'm thrilled you had a nice Mother's Day.