Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of Strawberries and Swimming Pools

The thing about being a parent is try as you might, you just can't force your kids to do stuff.  Like when you spend an hour making a special low protein mac and cheese dinner that you're so excited to feed her, only for her to scream and cry when you attempt to give it to her.  

Or when you buy the cutest strawberry baby swimsuit, can't wait to try it out, fork over $10 for a tiny package of swim diapers, take your friends to the pool, and she screams. the. entire. time.

Yeah, this day was kind of like that.

This is what that looks like, in case you were wondering.

It also looks a little like this, clinging for life to my white mama shoulders.

And then appearing seemingly innocent and content as soon as she was free of the chlorine hell.
At least it was so loud in there that no one could really hear her screaming.  And we had fun anyway.

I'm convinced that returning to the pool often will cure her of whatever issue she had.  I will not give up!  We have season passes to a water park this summer and I refuse to let it go to waste.


Kellie said...

She is SOOOO cute!

Kourtney said...

Big pools ARE scary! It needs to be very warm outside, and you need to get her a little wading pool. She will love that. Then maybe she will love the BIG pool.