Thursday, March 8, 2012


I think it's time we add a bumper to Avery's crib.
4 out of 5 times when we lie her down and think she's asleep, she ends up crying a few minutes later.  Normally she would just fall asleep on her own, but now that she is crawling EVERYWHERE, she tends to get herself in trouble.

Like this:

Sad, sad, face and legs stuck in the rails!
Yeah, I think we need to put a bumper on this crib.


vickyj said...

How long was she crying? This is the saddest thing. Bumper pads on Saturday.

Nick and Jaimee said...

Makell did that once and woke me up by yelling "stuck, stuck, stuck" until I came to get her. It was so sad! Avery looks a little sadder though; poor girl!

Anonymous said...

Forget the bumper--they just use it as a step stool to climb out or some kids have even strangled/suffocated themselves in one. It looks like what she really needs is the mattress lowered. She will be pulling herself up to standing in no time!