Monday, February 27, 2012

Tenacious A

Having a crawling baby in the house has simultaneously made it more important and more difficult to keep our house clean.  We went on a rampant baby proofing spree this weekend in hopes of getting all the non-baby items above 26".  And still she manages to find the one thing she shouldn't have.

We swapped out our glass shelved TV stand for an old dresser (that I plan to refinish) so Avery wouldn't be able to reach all the electronic stuff anymore.

The dresser is a little wider and taller than the TV stand was.  While arranging the new set-up, Kyle expressed his great concern that the new configuration would mess up the surround sound.  So he promptly tested it out on Mission Impossible: 3 and sat in all of the seats to make sure the sound was still "just right."

And he thinks I'm the weird one?

And back to the baby business...  in all our baby proofing, we underestimated Avery's unique ability to reach anything and everything she wants.  Today's nap time ended with a huge crash from the nursery where she had somehow managed to pull my beloved milk glass lamp off of her dresser which is easily a foot away from the crib.  I also found her curtains pulled through the crib rails.

She might keep us on our toes, but I just love her tenacity.


Megan B said...

She looks so adorably devious in these pictures!

Jamie said...

I'm smiling because I know :o) good luck. We couldn't baby proof anything in Dominica, that was fun :(.

The Lloyds said...

Gotta love having a mobile baby! I was watching the Nate show the other day and they were using dressers for tv stands and did some way cool things refinishing them! Made me want to try it!