Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching Up

So I realized today that I have a TON of draft posts with pictures.  
And only pictures.
I've gotten wayyyy behind on my posting so I'm cleaning out the drafts!
This post is dedicated to all the cute pictures of Avery I've been saving as drafts until I had something clever to write that would go along with them.

So here you go.
With minimally clever captions.

I thought this was so adorably white trash.
That shirt is a newborn size.

Ever since I snapped this photo,  I've been trying to make Avery a faux fur baby trapper hat.  The fit is proving tricky, but oh my gosh I'm dying over the cuteness.  By the time I get it just right, it will be summer and too hot for faux fur baby trapper hats.

Baby loves the bath and hates getting out.

That tongue!

I die.

Poor kid spends most of the time in her Jumperoo trying to reach the hanging toys.

So close!

heh heh.

This here is Avery licking the carpet.
I don't even know what to say.

White trash version of a Pack 'N Play

Even the moodiest of Avery's can be soothed with a little self-feeding.

Avery and her best friend Gehry love to watch Baby Einstein together.

Ok that's it!
These pictures having been hanging around as drafts for weeks.
I feel like I just cleaned house.

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Anna said...

So fetching cute...yes, I said fetching!