Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to Boise

We were missing family so we went back to Boise over the holiday weekend.
Traveling more than 30 minutes in the car is nerve racking when you have a baby who HATES the car.

But it started off not so bad.

 We stopped about half way for a break from the car and to give the baby a chance to smile at a bunch of strangers.  The return to the car was not so happy...  it took an hour and a half of playing Baby Einstein on the iPhone to make it through the last leg of the drive.
(bless you, Baby Einstein)

Saturday morning we went to our nephew, Darin's basketball games.  Most of Kyle's family (and some of mine) live in the Boise area and it always makes us sad that we live so far away.   When someone has a game, the whole family shows up!  I love that everyone is so supportive.  And it's quite the party!

Poor Bryant.  Avery is pretty much terrified of guys.  I bribed her with some snacks and a book so she would remember that she loves him.

 Avery & Aunt Elise

We totally took advantage of being with family so we could have a date night.  We had a great dinner at Bardenay in downtown Boise (where I totally fell on my butt in a crowded restaurant) and went bowling for the first time in years.

Clearly, we need some practice.


I swear, Avery has got to be the squirmiest baby I've ever met.  Good luck sitting through 3 hours of church on Sunday because she can't even make it 10 minutes holding still.

She's gotten even squirmier now that she's a professional crawler.  I mean, why sit when you can move?!
While trying to change her clothes, we barely got the diaper strapped on before she was outta there.

My sister also lives in the Boise area so we got to spend some time with her and her family.

 She is a great photographer too so she snapped a couple of cute pictures of my 7 month old baby face!

I love that face.

As we were getting ready to head home, Kyle wanted to stop at Bronco Stadium on our way out so Grandma tied on a bandana to keep Avery's ears warm. I can't decide which version I like better: the prairie child or gangstalicious?

 The bandana didn't survive the drive to Bronco Stadium, but we were able to enjoy a few minutes admiring the blue turf.  It's one of Kyle's most favorite places on earth.

On our drive home, we stopped in Twin Falls to see one of my very best friends Kristen and her new baby Leah!  Leah is 2 weeks old and right now is the same size Avery was when she was born.  She is so sweet!!  It's hard to believe Avery was once that tiny.

Isn't she SO precious?!?
(My sister took this one too.  I told ya she's good)

After a couple of hours in Twin Falls, we were back on the road.  We tried EVERYTHING to entertain this kid on the way home.  Let me tell you, 6 hours in the car is no picnic.  Even though it was, at times, kind of fun.

She slept a little, but woke up mad that she was still in the car.

See that glare?
She's got it down.
By the time we FINALLY got home, not even Baby Einstein would cheer her up.
But the trip was totally worth it.


Anna said...

Totally gangstalicious!!! I literally laughed out loud when I saw that picture. Adorable!!!

The Lloyds said...

Ainslie has the same little sweats and vest outfit! Avery is getting so big and her cute little face is filling out. We need to have a play date soon!