Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Heard Me

We were so excited to have some family come visit over the weekend!
These guys live in Virginia now so we haven't seen them in MONTHS and this was their first time meeting Avery.

This is Kyle's nephew.
The big one, Devin.
The little one is our GREAT nephew, Crew.
You heard me.
Great nephew.

Kyle is a great uncle.
Which makes me a great aunt.
And that makes me sound really old.

 I think we finally figured out that Avery and Crew are first cousins once removed.
I think.

They are 6 months apart.
Crew is older.

And that means he gets to take away the toys from the little one :)

In case you were wondering (Mom), Avery isn't wearing pants because she had just had a blowout for the third time that day.

And she's not wearing a sock because she tried to eat it.

She didn't go pantless for long, but I couldn't resist squeezing those baby legs!
She's finally getting some chubby baby rolls on them and I can't even stand it.

Anyway, we love these guys and are crossing our fingers they move back west.
First cousins once removed need to be playmates.


Jamie said...

dying over those pics of avery! She's so beautiful kourt!! Miss you guys

vickyj said...

HAHA! It sucks being so predictable. I love that bare-legged photo of Avery. And I tell myself ALL the time that there are children in the world that don't have a sweater or socks or a home to keep them warm-ish -- and THEY survive. I guess I'll get over it one day. And BTW -- we were there briefly, too. Didn't get to meet Devin, though. Crew and Mommy are cute and fun.

ashley said...

oh my gosh i just saw this!!! hahahaha crew is a monster and little avery is so sweet :) miss you guys!!!