Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Day Trip

It's pretty much become our tradition that when Kyle has a holiday, we drive to the Diary Keen in Heber City for milkshakes.

And oh my gosh are you in for a lot of Avery pictures!
(you're welcome?) (I'm sorry?)

When I first slipped these glasses on Avery's face she cried the saddest cry ever like I had really hurt her feelings.
She got over it fast though.  

And then we got in the car and I hurt her feelings again.
Nearly 6 months old and this baby still hates being in the car.
But I mean really, could this face be any cuter?

I die.

Totally dead.

Ok moving on.

These shakes are our most very favorite shakes in the history of shakes.  
The Dairy Keen really knows how to shake it. 
On the left is the remains of my turtle shake and on the right there is the empty cup of Kyle's fresh raspberry.
In the end I had to admit that I kind of liked his better.
I'm a sucker for fresh berries.

Unrelated: That lady in the background there said she thought Avery's outfit was so cute.
My response was "Thanks, I dressed her myself."
And then she looked at me weird.
I don't know.
Was I trying to be funny?
I should probably stop trying to be funny.

P.S. this was my last milkshake for a long time.
Resolutions, ya'll.

Okay now brace yourselves because the rest of this post is going to be full of adorable baby pictures.
You know it's my style these days.
The theme here at the end is "Avery Found Her Tongue."

And just one more for good measure.

Ok I'm done now, I promise.

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