Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Worst Mom Ever

Well, the days of letting Avery sleep in the swing are over.
Until the last few days, I could lay her in there and she'd sleep soundly for a few hours... and I wouldn't buckle her in.  If I buckled her in, she'd wake up.

The other day I caught her trying to roll over in her sleep.  While she was in the swing!  I jumped up and ran over to her just as she made it over the edge.  She didn't fall though, she was hanging off the edge with her legs dangling over.  Still asleep!

Pretty much I felt like the worst mom ever.
I wasn't sure if I should laugh, because she looked so cute and funny, or if I should cry because my baby nearly rolled out of the swing.  And it was my fault!  

She just insists on sleeping on her stomach now.
Which means she only naps in the crib from now on... and no more unbuckled rides in the swing.
And I hang my head in shame.


Kellie said...

I'm calling Child Services. JK, my 1st slept in her swing every night until she was 5 months. It's pretty lucky that you caught her!

Kim Post said...

I just had to laugh when I read this b/c Karli DID fall out of her swing doing the same thing!!!! lol..She was fine and didn't suffer any damage! I'm so terrible and even somewhat ashamed to admit this but she STILL goes in her swing and she's 14months old! We dont' put her in there as much since she's almost 25lbs and about to break it but she still loves it so much! I think I should be the one hanging my head in shame yeah? lol...we love you Kourtney XOXOXOX