Thursday, November 10, 2011

From the beginning

People are always telling me, "Kourtney I want to see pictures of you and Kyle before you were married!!!"

Ok that's a lie.
No one has ever said that to me.
But I bet you were thinking it!
Too bad.
You are in for a real Post-tastic treat.
You see, I had to download Picasa because Blogger hates my pictures now and the only way to upload pictures properly is by using Picasa.  Pain in the ace.  But it's not all bad because Picasa managed to dig up pictures from the depths of Computerdom, some of which I didn't even know I had!
Fun, huh?
Here's a chronological look at how it all began.  
Starting, of course, from the beginning.
(October 2008)

This was really soon after we first met and I was really sick.
Kyle had just come back from a trip to Boise and brought me my very first Boise State shirt!

Picking out a movie at the end of our first date (October 10th 2008)

First Halloween party as a couple.
He totally held my hand.
(This was the last time we both dressed up for Halloween.  So sad)

Our first kiss was on a hike very near this sign.

A November hike.

Christmas together at my parents house.

New Years in Salt Lake.

Kyle took me home to Boise.
That's the blue turf behind us!

Spending Easter at my parents' house.

A trip to Yellowstone.

May 2009--he proposed!!

The *famous* Caldwell fireworks for the 4th of July
(The show stopped 10 minutes in because of a problem and we all had to leave)

My first Def Leppard concert (Kyle's 6th....)

And then, well, we got married!

The end.


Jen said...

Love this post! So fun to see you guys from the begining! I remember meeting you for the first time that Halloween.

It Started With a Wink said...

ahh gives me warm fuzzies!

Jamie said...

FIRST- You are so GORGEOUS!!!
SECOND- LOVED this post!! :o)