Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...Even though...

I've decided that 4 months is my favorite age so far...even though Avery still wakes up 2-20 times a night and therefore we have been severely sleep deprived for over 120 days.
I mean really, she is so cute I could scream.
Especially in her new baby skinny jeans.

  4 months is great because:
She's interested in toys and grabbing at things and babbling on occasion.
Sometimes, if I'm really patient, I can make her laugh.
She stops crying at night when she hears our voices.
She's trying really hard to hold her own bottle
Her personality is starting to really come through.
She is so fun to play with!
...even if we're still sleep deprived.

1 comment:

mrsmonje said...

I love her skinny jeans they are so cute! And she is so cute :) I hope you get some sleep soon.