Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Confession

Hi, my name is Kourtney and I love to eat raw dough.

Cookie dough, bread dough, pie dough, noodle dough, biscuit dough...
It's nearly impossible for me to bake something and not save a little for myself on the side.

Confession: I made biscuits last night (the kind from the can) and I saved an entire raw biscuit for me to eat later.  That later is now.

I know this can't be good for me, but I can't stop.
It's like a drug.
I need the dough.


Jamie said...

Be careful with anything that has yeast in it, you can get a yeast infection from eating too much. I also love buiscut dough!!

vickyj said...

I have to say it: by the looks of the picture, it looks like you love eating dough in the raw. :)

Jason and Abby said...

Amen. I love it too!