Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kyle Loves Movies

happy Kyle the day he bought his blu-ray surround sound system

Kyle loves movies.
Like, a lot.
I think his loves go something like:
1. Family
2. Boise State Football
3. Movies
4. Def Leppard

So I think it's kind of ironic that he married me because I have never in my life purchased a movie for myself.  Kyle has hundreds.  I mean, like close to 1,000.  It's a little ridiculous.

Kyle takes his movie watching very seriously around here and it can sometimes be a really long process.  First, he has to pick out a movie.  The movie we are to watch is usually determined by whether or not I am likely to fall asleep during the movie.  If I am not so tired, he picks a movie I haven't seen.  If I am so tired, he picks one that we've both seen and that probably wouldn't matter if we didn't finish in one night.

Next, he loads the movie and pauses it right as it's about to begin and I sit staring at a paused TV screen until we can finally get this show on the road.

Then, he has to "get situated."  Depending on the time of night, getting situated can mean piling up pillows and blankets, turning off lights, popping popcorn, or scooping ice cream.  If there is anything to be eaten during the watching of the movie, it has to be prepared right now.  

An hour later, we can finally start watching the movie.
But by then I'm tired, and I usually fall asleep.  :)

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