Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It was time

Well, it finally happened.  I quit breastfeeding.  I just had to.  And I cried about it.  

Here's why I quit:
Avery wasn't gaining enough weight and her phenylalanine levels were too low
She would only nurse for a few minutes and then try to beat me up
It was impossible to keep my supply up
I couldn't even pump anymore
I got nauseas from smelling like maple syrup (thanks, fenugreek)

Here's why it's not so bad now:
It's easier to monitor how much phe she is getting
I don't have to deal with annoying nursing bras
Bottles are easier (kind of)
She's less fussy (I think she was hungry a lot before)
Other people can feed her too
She's now gaining weight at a faster rate than most babies (she's finally on the charts at 6% for weight)
She's getting cute chubby legs
I don't smell like maple

While it's certainly not what I had planned, I want what's best for Avery and right now that means moving to formula.


Rich and Brianne said...

I love her expression. Her little mouth is so perfect!

Crystal said...

Such a tough decision! It definitely sounds like you are doing what is best for Avery. She is so lucky to have you for her mama!
And I love that picture :) First thing I thought when I saw it was "Wow! She looks like Kourtney's dad!"

Jamie said...

I wasn't sad when I weined Lexi at 6 months, I was ready to eat dairy again, but I was sad when Hayden weined himself at 6 months. :o( But I have to say I feel like life's a little easier this way. hahaha I'm sorry. You'll have to get in more cuddle time now. BUT YAY for chunky legs!!!!