Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Turn

I know, I know, there's a whole lot of baby up in this blog lately.

But can you blame me? :)
After years of enduring friends' stories of baby poop and sleep schedules when I had no idea what they were talking about (nor did I probably care too much), I figure it is now my turn.

My turn to tell you (whether you like it or not) about how this sweet baby face was responsible for spitting up in my face.
Maybe she did not like all those kisses?

My turn to share with the world that Kyle's secret talent is getting this baby to poop.
What can I say, the man has a gift!

And my turn to confess that I never slept better than with this baby in my arms.


Kristi said...

She's SO beautiful! Even all the spit up, poop and terrible schedules, babies are so wonderful!

Chelsea said...

She's precious - and totally worth all the work, I'm sure. :)