Monday, May 23, 2011

Milestones and Merit Badges

I have reached a milestone in my pregnancy: I ate from a bowl perched on my baby belly!  I feel like I deserve a merit badge for this or something? 

I don't know much about scouting, but I think my idea of pregnancy merit badges would catch on fast in the pregnant community.  You know, something to make you feel like those minor milestones were great achievements during your 40 weeks of waiting.  And then you could wear your sash of pregnancy badges for for others to admire.  I mean clearly, the baby is the real badge of honor here, but until that day, we have to accept the small victories in pregnancy.  Like eating from a bowl perched on your belly. 

Some badges would obviously be more enjoyable to get than others. 
For example: Husband Feels The Baby Kick For the First Time is far more enjoyable to achieve than Feeling Baby Kick Your Lady Parts From The Inside. 

Along the same lines: Developing a Visible Baby Bump is much, much cuter than Developing Visible Stretch Marks.

And just for fun, a few of the other badges I am claiming unto myself:
A Stranger Touches Your Belly for the First Time
Can No Longer Tie Your Own Shoes
Cannot Sit with Legs Together
Feet are too Swollen: Moving to Full-Time Flip Flops
Baby Belly Rests On Thighs When Sitting
Develop the Ability to Drool While Sleeping
Moving Up to a Bigger Bra!
Moving Up to a Bigger Bra! Again!
No Longer Safe to Wear Wedding Ring (see also: swelling)
Get Gestational Diabetes (this one is truly an honor)
Crave Pickles, Pickles, and More Pickles
Baby Gets the Hiccups

I mean how's that for looking on the bright side?


Crystal said...

Hahaha! Those are hilarious! You are so clever. I love you.

vickyj said...

My favorite "merit badge" was the dog sitting on my baby bump in the car to see out the window. Maybe you could borrow Maggie to earn this one.