Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 Weeks and Counting

31 week bump
Everyone seems to be upset about the less than ideal weather over here during the holiday weekend.  But as for me?  I didn't mind so much.  I feel that I should enjoy cooler temperatures while they are still here because I am having a baby sometime at the end of July and the fewer hotter-than-hell days I need to endure, the better. 

Holy crap, we're having a baby.
The closer we get to July, the more excited Kyle becomes and the more anxious and nervous I get. 
But... there is no going back now!

People often ask me if we have everything all ready for the baby and I never quite know how to respond.  We have a cradle.
We have a crib.
We have some clothes.
We have a really cute reversible diaper bag.
I (will hopefully) have a portable food supply.


I guess we'll need to get some diapers?
And pacifiers?

I feel so totally unprepared.
And clueless.


The Lloyds said...

You guys will do great! It is scary and stressful but the best thing in the world!

Crystal said...

Yep, babies really don't need much. Sounds like you are set!... once you have those diapers. I'm so excited for you :)

Kim said...

She is going to be fine! Plus, it's a baby, not the apocalypse. If you realize you don't have something you can run to Walmart!

*I do highly recommend a Boppy pillow though (http://www.target.com/Boppy-Baby/b?ie=UTF8&node=3499351) Best present I got!

Laurie said...

There is no way to prepare but to do it! You will never be able to prepare for a baby until you actually have the baby. It's great!...good luck!

Jamie said...

1. Are you having a baby shower? and if not then what the heck is wrong with your friends? :o) hhehe
2. You have a great preggo bellY!!!
3. You will be fine!! Like Kim said babies really don't need a lot: #1 the Boob (or bottle) #2 diapers #3 loving arms- you guys will be just fine!!
4. Baby will NEED to see me in November! OH and a name :o) hehehe

Chelsea said...

Yeesh, you're making me anxious - and I'm still 24 weeks out! :)