Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas and Blah Blah Blah

Christmas 2010. In fact, the only picture from Christmas day.

As Kati so kindly pointed out tonight, I have not blogged for awhile. 
I promise, there is good reason for this unusual behavior:

1.  We have been in Idaho.  Western Idaho.  Without Internet or cable.

2.  There is a dastardly cold snowstorm outside and I've been too snuggled up on the couch to let my arms out of this awesome down blanket to type up a post.  But maybe I need a Snuggie?

3.  I'm still upset about this whole Christmas business.

Let me tell you...

For Christmas, Kyle and I make each other lists of things we would like.  You know, to make the life of a shopping spouse that much easier.  My list consisted of approximately 87 articles of goodness including, but not limited too: super cute clothing and boots, perfume, juicer, jewelry display, ikea decor, etcetera, etcetera.  Seriously, I made it SO easy for him to pick out some stuff.  It's all about variety, I say.

Kyle's list looked a bit like this:  blu-ray this, blu-ray that, blu-ray something, blu-ray blah blah, blu-ray, blu-ray, blu-ray, Boise State slippers.


So I spent a month or two looking for all these blu-rays he had his heart set on (if you don't know my husband, then you don't know he is a collector of cinema. he currently desires to replace all his favorite action dvds with their blu-ray counterparts)  I found two.  And then in a desperate search for at least one more, I found Mission Impossible: 3 at WalMart just days before Christmas.  Success!! I remember feeling so triumphant as I found 3 of the hard to find blu-rays of wonder.

Enter Christmas Day: We open all our presents full of joy and Christmas cheer.  Shortly after, Kyle points out that the Mission Impossible: 3 "blu-ray" I was so excited to find is actually a dvd.  Crap.

AND THEN just yesterday I discover his secret plans to return another of the actual blu-rays I got him!! Why??  Because he already bought it.  I would be mad at him, but now I actually do remember him telling me a month or so ago to take that one off his list because he found it for a good deal and bought it anyway...

All my efforts traveling from store to store searching for the blu-rays ended up in a 1 in 3 success.  33%.  That, is an F.

You guys, I got an F in Christmas!

Lucky for me, Kyle is a good sport and just laughs it off.  Afterall, he does love his new Boise State slippers.


Joami said...

your link to k2 imaging isn't working. i can't see! i can't see! love you dear.

Kim said...

Our Christmas was similar, but your was funnier and not frustrating! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I had already been through three years of not getting Chris's present not quite right and getting something I didn't really want also. We decided this year to buy our own presents. He ordered some BYU basketball shorts and I ordered some Arbonne makeup. We were both happy and spent all our time watching our little Kassie be surprised. I think it worked well! :)