Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Melodrama of Sorts

I've had an attitude problem.  Every time I come to blogger to write up a post about nothing in particular I defiantly think back to myself  "No!  No, I won't write anything today!"  And it came to pass that nearly a week has gone by since my last post.  And aren't you so terribly sad?

So I broke a nail. I know, it sounds like such a melodramatic issue, but really, it broke half off.  And I bleeded.  And in case you didn't know, blood=serious injury. Why did I break my nail? Because Kyle decided to sneak attack me and toss me into the Love Sac (very ironic, don't you think? As this attack was not at all very love-ly).  It is such a blur to me now it is hard to remember how it all happened exactly. But somewhere in the tumult of husband to wife tackle and microsuede sacs of love, (half) my fingernail tragically ripped off my ring finger.  I tried to squeeze some kind of sympathy out of Kyle, but he just laughed at my sad remains of a fingernail. And my nails were looking so nice these days.

But you will give me some sympathy, won't you? 

It is November sixteenth and I am exactly two-thirds finished with my Christmas shopping.  The last turd, excuse me, third, is for Kyle. Whatever do you get a sports fanatic movie lover who has both every sports related thing you could think of and also every movie known to man but also happens to not particularly enjoy gifts of the clothing nature? It is a terrible predicament is what it is. And to make matters worse, he has no idea what to get for me. Me! I am seriously the easiest person to shop for. I like everything! Fabric! Food! Clothes! Vacations to Hawaii! Old stuff! He is really the difficult one here, don't you see? My fallback gifts are always clothes, and he has even eliminated that from my list. Whatever shall I do?

Again, I could really use some sympathy here, because you know I won't be getting it from You Know Who.  But anyway, I am going to go make a Christmas list. And pamper my nail. Feel free to send me your sincerest condolences for my sad state of affairs.

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