Thursday, November 11, 2010

He's Got Skillz

This is my Kyle. 
He is the love of my life. 
He is thrifty. 
He is clever.  
He tells me on a near daily basis that he would be a great homeless man.

I suppose that is a good skill to have (you know, if we were ever driven from our home or something terribly tragic as such) and lucky for me my Kyle always likes to be prepared for even the worst of life's situations.  So here are just a few of his ideas for surviving a life on the streets:

1.  Eat grocery store samples and/or even produce
(if you can get away with it)
2.  Walk through fields at night and pick your own produce.
3.  Relocate to a warmer climate and sleep under the stars.  (Who in their right mind would want to be homeless in a Utah winter??)
4. Pretend to be a valet driver and steal cars.
5. Hang out in fast food restaurants and when they set food on the counter for someone to pick up, grab it fast!

Yes, I am so very proud.

*Disclaimer: I do not in any way condone the stealing of food and cars. Take this advice at your own risk.

1 comment:

Jane Doe . . . Smith said...

Oh. My. I felt like you were describing our conversations. I'm so glad someone else is also married to such a 'resourceful' and 'witty' man