Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Heat is On

It has been a few months since we've needed the air conditioner and those few months were complete marital harmony in the Post home.  Because, you see, I have an ultra-sensitive body thermometer and need constant pleasing temperatures in order to survive in a never ending state of bliss.  Kyle, on the other hand, would rather bake our home from the inside out before turning on the air conditioner.  He would rather slip into near hypothermia before he dare turn on the heat.  So that is why, during those few months of 72 degree fall weather, we achieve perfect harmony--no need for heat or air conditioning and I am still perfectly comfortable.

But now it is cold.  And to me, cold is anything below 72 degrees.  To Kyle, cold is anything that is actually frozen.  So I decided to slip on the thermostat while he was happily engrossed in football.  I have learned this is the best time to do things the husband does not like because he is too wrapped up in his many sports to notice and/or care what is going on in the world around him.  For the record, he is, at this very moment, tucked snugly in the Love Sac, with an oversized quilt and the remote not far behind, grinning happily that he gets to watch all the football he wants.

But also, the heat is on.

I win : )

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Suzi Q said...

I really need to learn it from you. During football season I am patient, patient, patient, then end with screaming. Example: Kevin was watching football last night, had Trey in his arms who was fussing a little. I was sitting at our table which you know where that is. He yells "Suz!" and couple of times to which I ignore he's only fussed like twice, deal with it! At the third "Suz!" I screamed....yes screamed...WHAT!? As I walked over and ripped Trey out of his arms. Kevin looked SHOCKED. And said "I was just wondering where you were...." GReat. Now I am a jerk.