Monday, September 27, 2010

But it Happens Every Year

I has a cold.  I should not be at all surprised seeing as how my birthday is Tuesday and nine times out of ten I am sick on my birthday.  I blame the changing of the seasons.  Which is, ironically, quite tragic because the weather is beautiful and yet it is too bright and fun outside for my sinuses to handle and so I hide in my cave of a family room hanging out with my box of tissues.

But, excessive mucus and all, there are things to be so very happy about.

Like, for example, the fact that Kyle went with me to the farmer's market Saturday morning and I bought a whole bag of peaches!  Oh sweet peaches!  They are divine.

And then, and then, he surprised me by taking me to the circus!  For my birthday!  THE CIRCUS!  Do you know that I am practically twenty six years old and had never before seen the circus?  It was truly fantastic, I must tell you.  The only downside is that I had not planned to be in large public places (outside of the farmer's market) and so not only did I not wear makeup, but I also did not even shower. (gasp!).  Gross, I know.  Sick me with my handy roll of toilet paper (in place of tissues) tucked away in my purse, sat smugly between rows and rows of little children and their light-up circus souvenirs. 

Later, Boise State managed to beat Oregon State and so all is right in the world. 

I would tell you wonderful things about Sunday but the entirety of Sunday resided in a cold-medicine fog and frankly I remember very little about Sunday. 

But I will always remember the elephants!

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vickyj said...

That is an amazing photo of the elephants. So sorry that was the very first time at a Circus for you. Barnum and Bailey was never in our neighborhood. Hoping you are feeling so much better.