Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bonne Tempête

photo by me
Today was one of those days that began with the wonderfulness of a good thunderstorm.
How I do love my thunderstorms!
And in the very early morning?
Even better.

So I didn't get my own two seats to myself on the bus. 
But at least I had my thunderstorm.
And yesterday I got to snuggle a new baby.
And at this very moment, another friend is having her baby!
Thunderstorms and babies.  Could life be any better?

Also, Dr. Pepper for breakfast.
And so what if I spilled it on my sweater?
I got to lick it off myself.

Things are looking good, you see.  It's all in the weather.  These are the kind of omens you look for when something wonderful is about to happen.  And I do know something good is on the horizon.  I just know it!

I know this is true because Kyle found my watch!  My long-lost-for-a-whole-four-days watch that he had given me for Christmas last year and that I cried about losing.  He found it.  In my makeup bag.  I guess that sort of tells you how much use my makeup bag has been getting these days but then again isn't that the beauty of summer?  Less makeup, you know.  Also, less blow-drying. (It's just really too hot for that kind of thing anyway)

But I tell you what, I was feeling so good after this morning's thunderstorm that I even blow-dryed my hair and pulled the mascara out of my makeup bag.


The Lloyds said...

I am glad you enjoyed the thunderstorm! It just made me grumpy because it woke me up lol!

Ashley and Devin said...

oh i was so worried about your lost watch!! we kept looking through our stuff just to see if it accidentally ended up there!