Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Weekends Re-Cap

Summer for the Post's pretty much means that we are doing some thing or another every single weekend.  True story!

So we went to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant which is held every year for two weeks in June. I don't know how to properly describe this except it's a play about the Mormons and is staged on the side of a hill on top of which stands the very beautiful Manti temple.

Kyle's parents talking with a cast member before the show
But to really find out what it's about, you should go here. And if you haven't already, go to Manti and see it, it's well-worth the drive out to the middle of nowhere!

Have you ever been to Manti, Utah?  Ever heard of Manti, Utah?
Let me tell you, it is in the middle of nowhere.  I know this because we entered "Manti, Utah" into the GPS and we seriously ended up in the middle of no. where: a dirt road surrounded by nothing but fields.  Well, it turns out the GPS was wrong (But isn't that a bit like finding out there's no Santa Claus?!?).
Manti does in fact exist, and is actually a really precious little town.  And is also in the middle of nowhere.  There are literally thousands of people who come to see the pageant every night and as we left the little town around 11:30 PM, I felt like I was living in the movie Field of Dreams as we followed an endless line of tail lights back to the freeway.

After seeing all the darling cottages around town I decided I wouldn't mind a home in Manti.  A vacation home anyway.


To add to our small-town adventures, we attended opening night of the Leeeehi Rounduuuuup Rodeoooooo!!!!  Sounds exciting, doesn't it though?  But it was.

This was the first time I've ever been to an event where we not only sang the National Anthem (I mean everyone sang.  It was great), but we also recited the Pledge of Allegience!  I love that I still remember it even though I learned it waaaay back in kindergarten.  It really was so patriotic and I think we should do it more often!  Does anyone recite the Pledge of Allegience in schools anymore?  They should.  I love America.

This man needs a dog of his own.  Someone please help him.

And then on to the Boise area where we enjoyed some mediocre yard sales and welcomed Jordan home from his mission in Brazil!  Jordan is my nephew-in-law and I have no pictures of him.  I hadn't met Jordan yet because Kyle and I were married while he was still in Brazil, but I highly recommend him to any nice single ladies looking for a Portuguese speaking 21-one-year-old.  He's a catch!

So tonight we are painting our bedroom gray.  I mean, charcoal gray.  I will tell you about it later.  Whether you like it or not.

The End.

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