Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Brilliant Idea & Quite a Bit of Randomness

photo by me
While sleeping on the bus, I awoke to a startling thought: snow cones!  I must bring the snow cone maker to the family reunion this weekend.  But isn't that a brilliant idea?  I do have some of my best ideas in my sleep.

This is all really for nothing except to say that my second most brilliant ideas usually come to me at the gym.  Except I've only been to the gym once in many months and so I've been having a lack of brilliancy lately.  (Note to self: spend more time at the gym)

You know when people talk about writing they say, "Write what you know"?  That is all very good you see, but what does that say about me, I wonder?

And do you ever think about what you might've blogged about had we had such things as blogs and the internet for Pete's sake when you were ten and fifteen years younger?  (Assuming you are also at least twenty-five years of age or thereabouts).  This is the thought that I've been thinking most about today.

Age Ten
I would have blogged about horses.  I would have told you all their parts and pieces and may have even posted a video of me pretending to be a horse.  (It's a family classic is what it is)

Age Thirteen
I would have blogged about my love for nail polish and how I hated the very sight of my bare nails.  (Only now I can't hardly stand polish on my fingers).

Age Sixteen
I would have blogged about something terribly dramatic like perhaps how I let my mom plan my sixteenth birthday party and was so stupidly afraid it would be lame but then it ended up being the coolest party ever.  Because, you see, I have the coolest mom ever.  True story.

Age Eighteen
I would have blogged about surviving my first year of college and the dreaded freshman fifteen and how studying fashion design involved a whole lot more sewing than I had ever before predicted and how I may have spent the night in the sewing lab on more than a dozen occasions.

Age Twenty-one
I would have blogged about beginning my full-time mission at the beautiful Temple Square and all the crazy wonderful people I fell in love with every day.  Also, the nylons.  I would have told you the awfulness of wearing nylons every single day for eighteen months.

Age Twenty-Four
Well now that was just last year you see and it is all really a great and terrible blur because I was busy planning the wedding of my dreams.  Probably I would have been just as ridiculously full of nonsense as I am today.  But with more tulle and taffeta for your reading pleasure.

Age Twenty-Seven
(Just predicting the future here, don't mind me) I anticipate blogging about baby bits and baby drool and heaven help me there better be babies in my future!  But I do think age twenty-seven will be grand.  Kyle was twenty-seven when I met him.  If that is to say anything about what can happen to a person at age twenty-seven.


The Lloyds said...
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The Lloyds said...

Hey we would love to see you guys whenever you have some free time, now that we are living pretty close!

Megan B said...

I was just thinking about your sixteenth birthday party the other day as I walked my dog through English Ranch Park (which I believe was brand new on your birthday) excited we all were that you and Danny could officially date, skating...the bucket of ice cream at Ben and Jerry's where we had them put in every flavor we liked instead of flavors that actually went well together...that was a great birthday :)

The Powells said...

I need to not blog otherwise it will just be about cribs, changing tables, waiting, how much diapers are going to be, scared of getting fat etc.
so you see, I should not blog otherwise I will lose the 2 readers I have.

vickyj said...

Thank you for reminding me of that birthday part. I had forgotten about it. I should have journaled such things, then I could find courage in doing the hard things that I do now. I do feel weary of hard things, though. They don't quite seem so fun. I look forward to the age 27 blogs as much as your daily ones now. There's some good memories in this blog. AND you made a very cute horsey.

Anonymous said...


very wonderful Fotos you have.

greatings send you Conny