Friday, May 28, 2010

A Lesson in Zoology

So we recently discovered this really fantastic walking trail near our house.  And guess what?  We found more cows!! 
I love cows! 
(Or perhaps the proper term would be cattle?)
(But I do think "cows" sounds so much more friendly)

photo by cell phone, mine
I love how they just stare at you and chew their cud and waddle around the fields.  Not that I want a cow of my own... but I look forward to visiting the cows along the trail.  Especially because our neighbor cows are rarely close enough to oogle at. 

It was here along this trail that I discovered not all horned cows are boys.  And tell me, where in my sixteen years of formal education did I come to believe that only boy cows have horns?  I clearly did not grow up on a farm. 
Please everyone, take note for future reference.


Jamie said...

You need to go to Justin's Farm you'd be in heaven!

Marc said...

I think that the cows are an important in natural life. I love cows. This is based on zoology.