Friday, May 7, 2010

He Writeth Unto Me Rhyming Words of Affection

Earlier this week Kyle surprised me at work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and this original poem by Kyle that he wrote in the car on a sticky note!  I'm not usually a love poem kind of girl, but Kyle's poems are sweet and yet make me laugh.  A lot.  Maybe someday I will share with you some of the others that are quite a bit more lengthy.  The one about me staring at his butt always cracks me up.  (no pun intended)

The roses were the first to wilt so I separated all the flowers and gave them new homes in my favorite milk glass. 

The carnations are so pretty grouped all together.  I love them!

I love him too!

Flashback 2 weeks ago... Kyle spent forever painting this part of the vaulted wall.  I think he just liked playing up there.  He is like a little kid sometimes and that's why I love him.  And for his silly poems.  And the flowers he brings me.  And his cute butt.


Gordita said...

Sweet poem! Poems about butts crack me up too.

Abby said...

Pretty much you have a great husband.