Monday, February 22, 2010

But Owls Are So Hot Right Now

I have been wrestling my tempermental sewing machine for the past hour trying to get a handmade owl to be properly positioned on the tiniest of tiny baby onesies.  Does no one have fat babies anymore?  All in all it turned out pretty darn awesome.  And why not?  The Hooty is my most popular onesie.  In fact, the only one I've been selling.  But owls are so hot right now.  And what's up with that anyway?  There are just owls everywhere these days.  (Although I'm not complaining)  And how is it that I managed to remove the skin from my thumb in all this sewing today?  That was definitely not part of the plan.

On a somewhat unrelated note, the news had a bit about a "neuroeconomist" tonight.  Sounds pretty nerdy, I know.  This guy explains what happens in the brain to cause a person to spend money a certain way.  Or something like that.  Oh but how I'd be interested to know what goes on in my brain when I shop!  Wouldn't you like to know?  And what happens to cause someone to buy tiny baby onesies with owls on them?  I mean really, I need to know my customers!

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KimiK said...

I have some "easier" sewing projects up here, if you wanna bring your machine to my house :D